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At Aquinas American School, the academic program is based on putting the new generations in contact with reality. This is the purpose of any curriculum. And the teacher acts as the medium or magician (hence magister) who helps the child or young person to enter into reality and get to know it.

The occasions for this are: reading, learning a discipline, sports, theater, singing, dialogue. 

All this allows the intellectual, moral and aesthetic maturation of the student.

The teachers are the key, because every educational proposal is a personal proposal.

To make present the good, the true and the beautiful, through a group of passionate people who have a true educational vocation is the beginning to be able to form our young people. 

Programa académico
American & European Diploma
More than 200 hours of training
Programa académico
Official language exams
Art and music programs
Technology education
Programa académico
Academic Support
Travel in Europe
At Awex we not only want you to get to know the Spanish culture, but our program also offers trips around Europe where you will get to know the cultures of the old continent as well as live new experiences. We do exchanges with schools in Sweden, France, Italy and Holland. These trips are usually for one week. The students attend classes in the destination schools and learn how their educational system works as well as organize cultural and gastronomic days about the country. They visit the most emblematic places of the city and enjoy typical local food. Later on these students come to Spain to live with our students so that they can also get to know the Spanish culture better. We firmly believe that the exchange of cultural knowledge is enriching and useful for our students.

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