Elite soccer

The Student – Athlete program is designed for high performance athletes looking to take their academic and athletic careers to the next level.

The program provides students with the tools necessary to succeed both academically and athletically, offering personalized and high quality services to ensure their peak performance on and off the field.

Our specialized staff will work closely with the student from day one.

Following up with them and monitoring their performance to ensure they are always at the top of their game.

After the first two years you can choose to continue your studies for two more years to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree at CIS University or transfer to any other American university in the world.

The main objective of the program is to improve the group and individual performance of the player through our methodology, based on the characteristic style of play that has brought so much success to the Spanish national team in recent years.

All players will participate in federated competitions. Learning in real game situations is an essential element for the development of the soccer player.

The teams participate in competitions by playing matches periodically in leagues of the Royal Federation of Madrid (RFFM). The Real Federación de Fútbol de Madrid, is the institution in charge of implementing all the modalities and divisions of soccer in the Community of Madrid.

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