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We have incredible support with eSports Scholarships, which make it easy to reduce the cost of the experience. Our universities and colleges in the United States have programs focused on students who practice eSports. 

The eSports are a very new type of scholarship that comes with a lot of force, colleges and universities are responsible for providing the material and facilities for the development of the activity.

Depending on the center we have opportunities of greater or lesser level, always serious and structured competitions. 

Studying from grade 8 to grade 12, a university degree or a master’s degree combined with eSports and a performance scholarship is now possible.

Sports leagues are continuously developing competitions in schools and universities. Competitions run throughout the entire year unlike conventional sports.


The industry already exceeds one billion dollars, has millions of followers around the world, and is therefore a serious alternative for the future. In the United States it is very clear that eSports is just one sport among many. Teamwork, communication, training and improvement every day; these are some of the benefits of sports, and therefore, of eSports. That is why they have coaches who provide a powerful structure to these teams.


Becas eSports

League of legends

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Heroes of the storm

Becas eSports


Becas eSports

Rocket league

Becas eSports


Becas eSports

clash royale



super smash bros

Counter strike

Dota 2

Call of duty


why Awex?

Academic Quality

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Becas para estudiar en Estados Unidos

Scholarships and financial aid

Our great differential is that in Awex we analyze each center in person to guarantee the student’s experience. We make a thorough selection of the best centers to add to our program and after analyzing the student’s profile, we choose together with the family the best possible center and we guarantee a financial aid that allows them to assume the cost.

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